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  • I live in markipliers house..cuz i am hes dog :3
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is Well seems like I am not on the wiki much anymore... I loved this place so much, Ive been here since the beggining but now I must go
  • I am , Female Doggy, Mark's 1° Fan dealing with life :7
  • Doggymarkiplier

    Hello ladys and gent's this is the best blog post in the you can discuss any problem you have passing a level's of borderlands,comment witch is your favorite level Etc....Better yet you can help others! 

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  • Doggymarkiplier

    Hey guys, as you can see here you can make oppinons about your favorite characters, talk about them, make oppinons, talk about there strategy in the game that theses characters have etc... 

    PLEASE READ:                                                                                                                    


    just a couple of rules: 

    1.Please no spamming. 

    2.less amount of swear words possible. 

    3.respet other peoples oppinons about the characters. 

    so thankyou for reading this, remeber every oppinion counts ;3  

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